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Peter Tatchell Supports Asia Bibi Petition


Asia Bibi was verdict to death in 2010 and since then fighting for her liberty and her life in an onerous appeals process.

Peter Tatchell a church campaigner today tweeted his support for Christian mother Asia Bibi, who has been in prison for last four years after being charged of blasphemy by her villagers while working in a Muslim farm in Sheikhupura, Punjab.

Today Tatchell asked his 43,000 followers in his tweet to take action and support Asia Bibi by signing a petition being run by the Global Minorities Alliance.


A Glasgow-based human rights organization is aiming to collect 500,000 signatures before handing the petition in to the Pakistani Consulate in the city.


It is not the first time Tatchell has raised his voice about the human rights situation in Pakistan. In 2012, he said the British government should not send any financial aid to the country because of the level of human rights abuses. In this case, he was speaking exclusively on the forced marriages of young girls.

Asia Bibi is just one of many victims of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws that Christians have been fighting against for years.

They say Christians and other religious minorities are falsely accused of blasphemy by Muslims looking to settle disputes appropriate their property, or force them out of business.

Asia Bibi
Blasphemy Death Sentence for Asia Bibi

An argue of blasphemy repeatedly has disturbing cost for the accused, with mass seeking their own rough justice by damaging their houses or property, stabbing them, or even killing them. If they are convicted, they face execution or spending the rest of their life in prison.