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Petition seeking asylum for Pakistani Christians in Australia launched


A recent petition launched on September 10, calls for asylums for the persecuted Pakistani Christians. In an online petition, people are invited to join the cause by signing the petition. The petition details underlying facts surrounding current situation of Pakistani Christians.

Christian sanitary workers killed in Rawalpindi

It has been stated that on the Open Doors annual list of most persecuted Christians; Pakistani Christians have grabbed fourth position. A survey conducted few years back confirmed that about 700 Christian girls are abducted and forced to convert to Islam by means of forced marriages.

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Thus far more than 300 Christians perished as a result of terrorist attacks on Christians during a period of four years. There have been more than thousands Christians who have been injured as a result of these attacks.

The petition portrays another dismal picture claiming that about 15% of blasphemy cases are registered against Christians. Majority of them are baseless and fabricated, lodged only to settle personal disputes and enmity. Majority of the Christian population in Pakistan lives below the poverty line, as estimates reveal 1 million Christians are striving as bonded slaves. In majority cases, entire Christian families are working as bonded laborers.

What is more, about 95% of posts of sewage workers are filled in by Christians. Working conditions for them are harsh and government pays no attention to their safety, as death rates of sewage workers at work is 100%. These Christians are paid with less and with no social services benefits. Owing to this menial occupation, they are oftentimes bullied and abused using the word “Choohra,’ a derogatory word used to hurl insult at them.

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