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Petition seeking cancellation of ban on Christian director’ movie, filed in Sindh High Court


Singh High Court has been moved, seeking the cessation of a ban on Maalik movie. The petition was filed today, April 29, in keeping with Asher Azeem’ tweet. The movie has been directed/written and produced by Asher Azeem, who is well known for his super hit drama serial Dhuwaan. Asher Azeem and his wife have also acted in the movie.

Ashe Azeem' movie banned

In a bizarrely rare step, the Pakistani government directly banned the film, which sparked a widespread public debate among the masses. Prior to the ban, the movie had been already playing in cinemas. However, this week, the ministry of information declared the movie “un-certified for the whole of Pakistan.” Earlier the Sindh government banned the movie, but the decision was rescinded after a few hours.

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In the past, the movies have been banned by the provincial censorship boards, while on this occasion; the movie was banned directly by the Federal Government. The filmmakers express uncertainty; why the government had to intervene itself.

An information ministry official told media that the movie has been banned because it shows a former as a corrupt wealthy man. The movie shows story of an ex- special services commando, who was to guard a corrupt feudal lord who is an incumbent of chief minister’ office.

The Ministry for Information and Broadcasting declared that there were four complaints that the movie conveyed a message to the general public to take the law in their hands, additionally the movie portrayed a bad image of politicians, along with encouraging general public to start off violence, and racism was also promoted in this movie. The ministry further declared that these are all violations of the laws of the Censor Board.