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Philippines: Islamic extremists attack a Christian majority city leaving 60,000 Christians as refugees


Jihadists in Philippine

Jihadists attack Christian majority city, Zamboanga, in Southern part of Philippine, rendering 60,000 Christians without home.

Hordes of Muslim terrorists from the Moro National Liberation Front, MNLF launched an attack on villages where Christian population was in majority. This massive attack has left about 60,000 Christians to flee from their homes. They have been forced to live as refugees now.

Before the attack Zamboanga which is the sixth largest city in the country was a Christian majority city. It has been speculated that Muslims terrorist had been eyeing this city and have deliberately launched an attack to empty the city of its Christian population.

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What is more, international media has turned a blind eye to this incident. Thousands of Christians have been left stranded as a result of this attack. No one has even highlighted their plight.

As the situation became tense, the Philippine military troops started fighting their way back in to the areas which fell into the hands of the terrorists. Muslim rebels held thousands of residents of these areas captives, for a period of six days. The coastal villages in the south came under attack by these Islamic rebels.

As a result of these attacks, the Islamic extremists killed about 56 people while about 60,000 local Christians were forced to leave their homes. Severely violent clashes followed the attack campaign from the Muslim rebels.

In the wake of these events, President of Philippine, Benigno Aquino III stated that more clashes were likely to take place. According to him, about 62,000 people who had been displaced from the areas under the attack. He said that these refugees will temporarily provided shelter in a sports complex in Zamboanga city.