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PIL condemns Badami Bagh Incident


Pakistan Interfaith League denounces attacks Badami Bagh Incident.

PIL condemns badami bagh incident
PIL condemns badami bagh incident

The Chairman of Pakistan Interfaith League and Advisor to the PTI Chairman on Minorities Affairs, Sajid Ishaq sternly condemned the adverse episode of the Badami Bagh arson-claiming at least 8 lives, 25 injured and at least 100 houses burnt to ashes.

I condemn the incident in the strongest terms and the matter is clearly aimed at creating unrest between the Muslims and Christians. The issue is certainly very sensitive, as it is being blamed that the Christian man uttered some blasphemous comments which provoked his Muslim friends and eventually led to spread of this violence, however, we urge all concerned to show restraint and avoid resorting to violence till the time a judicial probe is carried out and the facts are brought out in the open. While I am making this appeal to my Muslim religious leaders and the Muslim brethren at large to show restraint, I also appeal to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, the Chief Minister of the Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, the Governor of the Punjab as well as the Prime Minister of Pakistan to intervene in this matter and prevent these elements who have resorted to such extreme form of violence, loot and arson and spreading hatred between the members of two religions. An immediate judicial probe to ascertain the facts of this incident is what is required at the moment. At the same time the Muslim religious as well as political leaders should come forth to arrest the situation. And if, following the judicial probe, if the said person is actually found guilty of committing this act of blasphemy, he should be dealt with according to the law,” the PIC chairman said. “

He presented the fact that Joseph Colony is not only inhabited by Christians but by Muslims also. He added that in past no such incident has been reported from this area as there is a certain harmony among Christians and Muslims of this area.

So, in view of all these facts it is imperative that an unbiased and judicious probe into the incident should be conducted and the guilty must be punished. We must not forget that this Christian man, Sawan Masih, accused of committing an act of blasphemy and his Muslim friends, Mohammad Imran of Sukhayki and Mohammad Sheeka, started the evening as friends and it was only under the state of high intoxication that they tread upon the sensitive topics and eventually ended up rising as enemies and resorted to this extreme violence, which resulted in death of at least 8 persons, injuries to dozens and leaving thousands shelter less as their homes were set on fire,” the PIL chair-man said.