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Plight of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers highlighted during a conference in Hungary


Plight of persecuted Christians in Pakistan highlighted during a conference held in Hungary. This conference was held in connection with global persecution of Christians. Meanwhile, Government of Hungary has expressed its intentions to succor Christian suffering for the sake of their faith. Hungarian Government wants Hungary to emerge as hub and supporter of the groups struggling against the Christian persecution all over the world.

Christian persecution worldwide

In this connection think tank conference for Persecuted Christians conference was organized in the Parliament in Budapest, which was attended by participants from all over the world. In this regard, Pakistan’s Farrukh Saif also participated in this conference and detailed the plight of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers.

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After participating in the conference, Farukh Saif maintained in a social media statement: “We have fulfilled our responsibility towards Pakistani Asylum seekers in Thailand, Malaysia and Sri-Lanka by elaborating the miserable plight of Christian Asylum seekers. There were 17 Organizations from the world and only three organizations, Farrukh Saif Foundation, Rescue Christians, and Release International have highlighted the problems of Pakistani Christian asylum seeker Community.

So far No decision has been made in this regard but we have given the assurance to the Hungarian Government that we will take care of our brethren and they will not be a burden upon the Government of Hungary”

Bence Rétvári, Hungary’s Parliamentary State Secretary at the Ministry for Human Resources said that Hungary should become a nucleus of support towards the persecuted believers. During the conference he told the delegates that “more Christians are being persecuted today throughout the world than during the reign of Roman Emperor Nero.”

In keeping with estimates, about 100 million Christians are persecuted globally; the degree of persecution may vary from murders, detention, discrimination, abuse, forced conversions and various other forms.

As the persecution of Christians augmented, Hungary emerged as the first ever country to set up a government level office to help the persecuted Christians who are suffering for their faith. This office is supervised by the Ministry for Human Resources.

“When I traveled through Iraq I also met with numerous church leaders. Everybody asks that we don’t help the Iraqis and the persecuted get into Europe. Instead we should help locals start up their lives again,” said Rétvári.