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Teachings Of Jesus Christ Are Not Just For One Religion But For The Whole Human Civilization: PM Nawaz Sharif


LAHORE: Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif emphasizes on the need for unity among different religious communities abiding in Pakistan.

PM urges for elimination of religious hatred
PM urges for elimination of religious hatred

PM Sharif in his address to a Christmas get-together said: It is saddening how a handful of people are creating misunderstandings between Pakistanis of different religions, but he is determined to hinder the way of such elements. He was addressing a ceremony held here on Saturday in connection with Christmas celebrations. Nawaz said the Constitution of Pakistan does not allow Pakistani citizens to be segregated on the basis of religion.


Quaid-e-Azam announced in his historic address of August 11, 1947 that equal rights will be given to believers of all religions. According to him; not giving them their due right is negating the promise made by the Quaid on behalf of the nation to the minorities. On the eve of partition, these Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and all minorities chose to make Pakistan their homeland. They have been and still are a part of the forces, bureaucracy and Government of Pakistan. So we have to protect their rights as free citizens of Pakistan.


PM Sharif said: The teachings of Jesus Christ are not just for one religion but for the whole human civilization. His birth is the message of peace and harmony in the world. Pakistan is a multi-cultural society. While condemning the attack on a Church in Peshawar, he said,”For these elements nothing is sacred, neither a mosque nor a church, as no life holds any importance for them. Treating all Pakistanis on equal basis is the mandate of his government. PM Sharif underlined the need for unity urging Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and youth from all minority groups to chip in in the newly launched Youth Business Loan Scheme, with full confidence and be bread winners for their families.


On this occasion, Governor of Punjab Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar, Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping and Senator Kamran Michael, Provincial Minister for Minorities Tahir Khalil Sindhu, Bishops of Lahore Irfan Jamil and Sebastian Shaw were also present. Bishop Irfan Jamil and Bishop Sebastian Shaw expressed unity with all the religions conveying their gratitude towards their Muslim brethren for supporting and helping Pakistani Christian community in every tragedy. The participants spoke well of government’s decision to assign important ministries to minority representatives at federal and provincial levels. The Christian leaders thanked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for joining them in the Christmas celebrations. At the end of the get-together, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif cut a ceremonial Christmas cake along with other notable guests and the Christian community present at the get-together.