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PM urged to offer succour to a 10-year-old Christian girl suffering from critical liver disease


10-year-old, Sneha Shehzad, a Pakistani Christian girl is suffering from unrelenting liver disease. The Christian minor’ parents are virtually unable to bear the expenses of her treatment. Doctors have advised for a liver transplant, nevertheless, she languishes as her parents remain inept to afford the advised medical procedure.

Poor Pakistani Christians

Her father Shehzad says, his monthly income is thirteen thousand Rupees, and he is utterly unable to bear the expenses of Sneha’s treatment. He said that he has two daughters and has to bear their expenses. The girls are now out of the school as poverty-stricken father has no means to afford their education.

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Shehzad further went on to disclose that the girl has been suffering since a year and has remained in critical situation, however, a local hospital showed reluctance to administer treatment to her. In his desperation, he approached a team of doctors visiting from India, who told him that Senha’s liver transplant will cost about 40 lac Rupees.

“We are desperate, and have no means to meet the expense of treatment for her,” he said. He called upon the Premier to help his daughter getting her liver transplant. For those who seek to offer the minor assistance, may contact Shehzad at 03022212112.