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PMRO organizes a seminar to discuss plight of persecuted Christians in Pakistan


Pakistan Minorities Rights Organization (PMRO UK) held a seminar on July 31, Wednesday – the seminar was aimed to discuss the dilemma of persecuted Christians all across the globe specially in Pakistan. The seminar was held at a church in Nottingham, UK. The participants debated regarding the prevailing problems that are distressing Pakistani Christians both in Pakistan and abroad.

Persecution of Pakistani Christians

While addressing the attendees PMRO UK Chairman, Asif Mall, said: “Pakistani Blasphemy law is unjust law it’s the source of huge amounts of persecution, not just Christians but Ahmadis, Hindus and others. I think that in a civilized world like the one we live in today, it’s unacceptable to carry on with a law like that, more than anything else its bringing a bad name to Pakistan.”

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“As Pakistani Christians, we love Pakistan and we want it to prosper and to have a good name in the international community and I sincerely believe that blasphemy law is a big hurdle in the way of that and I think the sooner we get rid of it the better.”

He added: “As a message to the Muslim community in Pakistan and as the Chairman for PMRO is that they are like our old brothers, we are not enemies, we love them and we want to live in peace and harmony with them.

“They need to work with us and we need to work with them to marginalize those extremist elements within our communities, so that we can all have a peaceful environment and co-existence, which will lead to a stronger and prosperous Pakistan.”