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Poland: Thousands protest against taking in Non-Christian refugees chanting “Today refugees, tomorrow terrorists!”


Poland protests

Polish Christians refuse Pope Francis’ appeal to welcome and house refugees saying, they are a threat to our culture.

According to media reports, Pope Francis previously called on Catholic parishes from all over Europe to welcome hundreds and thousands of refugees while opening their hearts and homes to them. Massive influx of refugees from Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan are pouring into Europe seeking asylum and are in desperate need of food, clothing, and shelter.

Nonetheless, Catholics Christians in Poland, have refused to act upon Pope Francis’ appeal as they say that the influx of Muslim refugees will threaten their country’s security and economy.

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Jaroslaw Gowin, a well-known Catholic politician said, “On the question of taking in immigrants, Pope Francis is wrong. In no case should we take in Muslims,” he said. He added that Poland is likely to only welcome those migrants who are all set to put up with the rules in Poland.

During recent days, Poles are holding rallies in different cities of Poland strongly opposing the idea to take in refugees from Syria. More than 10,000 marched through downtown Warsaw holding their flags chanting “Today refugees, tomorrow terrorists!” and “Poland, free of Islam!””The refugees are threat to our culture, they will not assimilate with our society,” on of the marcher said.

All the while, European Union has requested Poland to accept 12,000 migrants, with Warsaw taking on 2,000 refugees within two years, on the condition that they prove t they are really refugees fleeing the war in Syria and not economic migrants. However, Poland had announced earlier that it will take in only Christian refugees.