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Poland to take only Christian Syrian refugees: Non-Christians can be a threat to the country, Poland says


Syria refugees

As a result of massive humanitarian crisis particularly in Syria and Iraq along with Afghanistan and poverty struck Africa, tens oft thousands risk their lives to migrate to Europe.

Seeing this major trend of migration from this crisis struck countries, some of the eastern European states are coming up with various strategies to house these refugees particularly the Christian refugees.

According to details, Poland has agreed to take in some 50 Christian families from Syria under a project led by a Polish non-governmental organisation. The Polish Prime Minister has agreed to this scheme.The Polish organisation Estera has arranged the selection and immigration of about 50 Christian families into Poland.

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Miriam Shaded, Head of Estera, the Polish foundation that has arranged to take in Syrian Christian refugees said, “They non-Christian refugees can be a threat to Poland. I think it is a great way for Isis to locate their troops… all around Europe,”

“And if these people are not Isis representatives, in Syria their lives are not in danger, so then it is labour migration. If they are Muslim, they will not be killed because they are Muslims, because they believe in the same as Isis.”

Besides, Slovakia has said it will accommodate about 200 refugees from the war-struck Syria, but only if they are devout churchgoers. Slovakia says non-Christians can not adjust in the predominantly Christian country. More to the point, The Czech Republic has also employed the same criteria to take in about 70 families this year and they were all Christians only.