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INDIA: Police Arrests Eight Christians After Hindu Radicals Attacked And Beat Them


Christians in Madhya Pradesh beaten, attacked and severely tortured by Hindu radicals.

Hindu Radical attack Christians in Madhya Pradesh
Hindu Radical attack Christians in Madhya Pradesh

According to details, eight Christians have been arrested by the police after they were attacked by a group of Hindu radicals. The attackers whipped with belts the pastor and seven members of his congregation and stripped them naked and punched before the police arrested these eight Christians.

On November 4th, Rev Rana of the Bethel Pentecostal Church in Madhya Pradesh had just begun a meeting with his church members in order to prepare for a prayer service when a mob of local Hindu radicals intruded abruptly into the meeting. The Hindu radical group which attacked is known as the Bajrang Dal. After the attack, police arrived on the scene and unexpectedly arrested the eight Christian victims instead of the attackers. There are speculations that the eight Christians have been arrested under the Indian anti-conversion laws. It is still unclear whether the arrested Christians have been released by the police.
The President of the Global Council of Indian Christians, Mr. Sajan George states, “It is essential that Christian and Hindu leaders engage in an active dialogue and genuine cooperation.” He also insisted that mutual tolerance must be promoted.