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Police Beat and Torture Detained Christians in Lahore Youhanabad



Merciless beating and abuse is a tool used by the police to extract confessions. All those who are imprisoned continue to be subject to torture.

The ones who have been set free claim that, “A lot of times we were beaten to a pulp and left on the door step in a bloody mess. The purpose of this was to extract confessions out of us.”

International persecution watchdogs like the International Christian concern are holding conferences to curb persecution of Christians in Pakistan. The ICC has stated in one of the press conferences that most of the people are innocent. The Christian community condemns the lynching of the two Muslim men in retaliation for the Taliban’s bombings of the two Christian churches, the broad sweep and detention of innocent Christians is uncalled for. This shows the presence of a banana republic in Pakistan. Indeed justice should be served for the public lynchings but an incompetent police force beating confessions out of detainees is not the way it should be done.

In the press conference the extent to which the Christian community is marginalized in Pakistan was also discussed with major cases like Nouman Masih, Aasia bibi, Shahzad and Shama. But these are still the tip of the iceberg. The list of grievances inflicted upon the Christian minority is limitless.