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Police charges murderer of a Christian shot while trying to retrieve his abducted daughter


A man has been charged of murdering a Christian father Tanveer Masih, who was struggling to rescue his abducted daughter from the custody of abductors. The alleged murder is soon to be presented before the Faisalabad High Court. Police is still hunting for another suspect of the murder. Mehwish Masih victim of abduction and forced conversion is still missing.

Christian girl forced to convert in Faisalabad

A Christian charity and advocacy group British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), has succored the dejected Christian family of Tanveer Masih. The family is being provided with a safe home, food and expenses incurred by the legal pursuit.

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BPCA spokesman said: “Taking them away from the threats of the relatives of the accused has helped galvanize the family for the necessary court hearings they will have to attend. We will also protect them as much as possible from abuse and threats during those hearings and will be with them at all hearing dates. BPCA have been providing biblically based counseling and general advice.”

While commenting in this regard, Najma Tanveer, widow of Tanveer Masih, stated: “We were hopeless and destitute but God has delivered us. I have lost my husband Tanveer but thank God that I know he is safe in His presence. The cruel men that destroyed our lives will have to answer before God one day but even before then, I believe they will be punished here on earth too. I want my daughter Mehwish back so desperately, she should be in my arms that I can protect and comfort her. Please ask Christians to pray for her safety and return.”

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of BPCA said: “International pressure is starting to bring change and the current government is fashioning processes that in decades to come may result in a fairer Pakistan. The main challenge they will face is how to remove societal hatred for minorities.

The longer they take to amend existing bias in the national curriculum of Pakistan, the more the hatred towards minorities that is inculcated from school age is allowed to fester and will continue to espouse polarization. This simply creates a sense of worthlessness of minority communities.”

Mehwish, a Christian teenage girl was craftily abducted after being lured for a handsomely paid domestic work. The victim resident of Khalid Colony in Faisalabad, was taken away by a Muslim family after that Mehwish never returned home.

Nonetheless, the 14-year-old, Christian girl did not return ever since she left with the Muslim family. Mehwish who was the eldest child of the family went missing and consequently, her father Tanveer Tanveer, went to the family’ house in desperation seeking for his daughter, however she was nowhere to be found.

Deceitfully, the abductors called him for a meeting, in order to settle the matter. On appointed date, when Tanveer was on his way to meet the abductors, two unknown gunmen shot him dead on Jhang Road, in Thikriwala. An FIR was filed but initially no substantial progress was made until now.