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Police Denies Security To LEAD Chief


LAHORE: The LEAD Chief denied protection from the police after being threatened by an extremist group in Punjab.


Police denied security to LEAD Chief
Police denied security to LEAD Chief


Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill- a Pakistani Christian rights lawyer and Chief of an organization LEAD – who is facing death threats from religious militants says, “local police refuse to protect him but that he will ask a court to force them to provide security and investigate the case.”


Followed by the reluctance from the police to provide him security, Sardar Mushtag Gill, 32 years of age, is now considering to relocate his home in Punjab province with his 26-year-old wife after he and a friend were “forcibly stopped at gunpoint by three armed men” on  23rd of June, 2013.

“This is of course difficult to prepare. We need safe transport,” he said in a statement speaking from his home.


He further said that,” the militants are apparently furious that he met Christian women who were beaten and forced to parade naked in Sereser Chak No. 21 village by activists of the governing party.”


”The militants also criticize Sardar Mushtaq Gill’s active involvement in defending victims of recent attacks on a Christian neighbourhood in Lahore city and a Christian girl, Fouzia Bibi, who was allegedly abused earlier this year by two armed Muslim men in Punjab province,” he said. “After we were stopped at Bypass Multan road the militants threatened to kill us while shooting in the air,” he told.


He further said that he would request the regional Pattoki Court, to issue orders to the police in his area to protect him and his young wife and to file a ‘First Information Report’, of this incident.


In accordance with the details, the local police have reportedly denied to look into the matter saying,” they were unable to start the investigation as the suspects are unknown.” However, the threatened lawyer still remains uncertain of the plan of police in the midst of concerns that they are either influenced by or else working with the militants and other influential men in the area. He complains that,” they claim they cannot provide security or launch an investigation though they should do something because this is very dangerous for me and my wife.”


Notwithstanding the death threats, he said that his Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD) group would keep on to defending the indigent Christians in Pakistan who are facing discrimination.


“We are not cowards. We will not stop to carry out what we were assigned to do by Jesus, to fulfill His mission in Pakistan,” said the determined Advocate- National Director of LEAD.