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Police ignorant regarding pastor’s killers in India’s Punjab


Almost two weeks after a pastor was shot dead in northern India’s Punjab state, police presently can’t seem to make a capture over the wrongdoing, which one church pioneer suspects is politically inspired. Two veiled men on a motorbike shot dead pastor Sultan Masih of the neo-Christian Temple of God Church simply outside his Church in Ludhiana town on July 15, police said. He was announced dead after being taken to a nearby local hospital.

Police ignorant regarding pastor's killers in India's Punjab

“The examination is on. We are yet to comprehend the case,” cop Amandeep Singh, who drives the examination, Singh said unless the criminals are identified and arrested police cannot speak about murder motives. The Punjab State Minority Commission and church authorities from Jalandhar Diocese have declined to interface the murder with savagery conferred by hard-line Hindus in different parts of the nation.

Father Peter Kavumpuram of Jalandhar Diocese said the Christian people group in the area has great relations with both the greater part Sikh people group and the expansive Hindu minority in the state.
“We Christians have never had any issues related to religious extremism here,” Father Kavumpuram told

Around 350,000 Christians make up 1.2 per cent of Punjab’s 27 million populations of whom 58 percent are Sikhs. Hindus make up 39 percent. Philip Christy, leader of the All India Christian Minority Front, told the murder has “scared Christians in the area.” Christy precluded “personal enmity “as a murder intention. “Individuals may not be getting any dangers but rather the circumstance is bad in the range,” he said.

Minority Commission director Munawar Masih told that they have not gotten any dissensions about threats or harassment against the Christian people group in Punjab. Masih, a Christian, said commission members have met with the pastors of the district and promised them help. “We have asked the pastors to live their life and follow their faith with full freedom in the state and if they come across any threat or fear, they should report to us, we will take action,” he said.