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Police Illegally Book A Christian Girl


TOBA TEK SINGH: A Christian girl illegally detained by the police and kept in custody for days.

Gender based violence in Pakistan
Gender based violence in Pakistan

According to details, A Christian girl named Iqra Saddiq, resident of Chak 330, GB Siowal, Toba Tek Singh was unlawfully hooked by four policemen, startlingly one of these was a lay man. She was reported to have been kept in police custody illegally at the PoliceStationCity, Toba Tek Singh until 5th of August that it came to the notice of General Secretary of Pakistan Christian Congress, Punjab and the Chief Organizer Pakistan Christian Congress Punjab.

Mr. Akram Waqar Gill, General Secretary of PCC Punjab without delay approached the city police station. “Upon our anger and protest against this severe illegality and illegitimate action by police, the police falsely involved the young girl in a robbery case and send to her Judicial lock up to avoid protest by Pakistan Christian Congress and the people of the village,” he assumes.


On the other hand, Sadaf Saddique Khokhar, the Secretary General of Pakistan Christian Congress, Punjab and Attorney for Iqra Saddique who has closely monitored this case; brought in knowledge of the court that,” the girl has been tortured and seduced by policemen whereby her medical exam was necessary to be held.”


Regardless of the orders issued by the court the Police is reluctant to hold the medical examination of Iqra to bear out that she had been tortured and seduced sexually. Consequently, Sadaf Saddique filed a petition yet again, the second time, urging the court to ensure that the orders be carried out by the police.


In the face of constant questioning over reluctance on part of the police there has been no satisfactory action taken against the concerned police station. Moreover, “A Judge has allegedly collaborated with the police and tore and destroyed an important piece of evidence from the file of Iqra Saddique presented by Sadaf Saddique, attorney at law,” PCC official alleges.


The Pakistan Christian Congress officials urge the authorities saying,” We demand that justice be served to Iqra and that the judge be held responsible for this criminal misconduct.”


However, Sadaf Saddique has by now filed a case against the Judge to the Member Inspection Team through which investigation shall be conducted against the alleged Judge;” for this professional and criminal misconduct.”


“We demand the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take action. If this mishandling of judges is not taken serious, then the people will stop trusting Judiciary for their problems,” exclaims PCC official.