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Police misconduct with pastors similar to Fazalia Colony incident unacceptable: United Pastors’ National Association


Chairman United Pastors’ National Association Samuel Khokhar has reiterated the firmness of not accepting police misconduct with pastors as in case of brazen misbehavior with a pastor of Lahore’s Fazalia Colony’s church. It is the topmost priority of the association to raise voice against the perpetrators of besmirching the sanctity of pastors.

Police misbehaving with pastor in Lahore

In a social media message Pastor Samuel Khokhar-Chairman of United Pastors’ National Association stated that the organization will not tolerate police misconduct with pastors across the country. We will not let anyone to defile the sanctity of pastors at the hands of police. Safeguarding the legitimate rights of pastors will be our chief priority.

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Atrocities such as fallacious charges against pastors and expropriation of churches’ property are our prime target as we wish to thwart these injustices, he stated. Pastor Samuel Khokhar also urged pastors from across the country to join the association and unite their voices for the rights of clergymen. He said that pastors must become one for spiritual and worldly progress.

He stated that all the pastors must join forces under the banner of United Pastors’ National Association and celebrate brotherly love and harmony and play their roles for the betterment of the Christian community and the country.

On June 12, Sunday a police constable violated the sanctity of the church as he stormed into the church and passed derogatory remarks about the Christian congregants. He yelled at them to stop the worship. When Pastor Riaz Rehmat asked him to refrain from hindering the prayer service, he brazenly marched up to the pulpit and slapped the pastor.