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Police seizes 1,100 Bibles in China’s Shandong province


Police carried out a huge raid in Shandong province. The police seized a huge number of Christian publications and related material. A local Christian revealed that the police were actively hostile towards Christians and churches. He said that during the raid huge number of Bibles was seized.

Christianity in China

Details emerged that the Chinese authorities have stated that the raids were part of a campaign to against pornography. On the other hand, Christians reveal that only Christian texts were seized by the police. Authorities confiscated bibles both in physical and digital form. In this regard, a Christian persecution watchdog group said that the officials from the “ethnic and religious affairs bureau” joined the police in order to carry out the raids.

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International Christian Concern states: “Persecution in China’s eastern Shandong province escalated recently as authorities used an anti-pornography and illegal publications campaign to wrongly target at least five house churches and also ordered that students report their religious beliefs.During their visit to these churches, the authorities confiscated more than 1,100 copies of alleged ‘illegal’ publications and disks.”

Earlier this year about one hundred Christians were sent to “re-education” camps. In Xinjiang Province, authorities took 100 Christians to “mind transformation centers” where they were taught to be loyal to China, and not to Christianity. Relatives of those detained reported poor conditions.

In this regard, another Christian persecution watchdog Open Doors said that a local believer revealed: “Some stay there for a month, others for half a year or even longer.” The group states that there a high level of surveillance in the state-approved churches. “Government-registered churches are also required to scan ID cards when they come to Sunday services. An alarm will sound if anyone works for the government or a public institution. Many Christians have stopped going to registered churches and instead meet in smaller secret groups.”