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Political leaders have been offering up national interest for the sake of their own interests says J Salik


Christian leader, Julius Salik has expressed serious disappointment over the leadership of the country. He stated that during his 40 years long political career, he has not come across a single leader who would have earnest desire of the nation; wellbeing. He voiced his frustration while addressing the audience at the Arifwala Press Club.

Christian political leaders in Pakistan

During his address, J Salik that the leaders have been embezzling in the thick of democracy, orange line trains and Metro bus projects. On the other hand, poor citizens do not have access to clean drinking water; he is denied timely justice; which is forcing disheartened Pakistanis to commit suicides.

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“Corrupt politicians are covering up corruption of their fellow politicians under the auspices of investigations. They have divided the nation on provincial, sectarian and lingual basis. In order to rid the country from this menace we have to adopt national agenda.”

He went on to say, that in our country, politicians, aristocrats, industrialists and investors have sabotaged democracy. “In my 40-year-old political career, I have not come across a leader whose heart is filled with compassion towards his nation.” Political leaders have always sacrificed national interest for their own personal interests, he whined.

Despite the fact that Panama papers have been leaked, still o action is taken against the political leaders who have been exposed; this is treason, he said. The poor citizens do not have access to medical treatment, industries and domestic users are devoid of gas supply, capitals are being transferred abroad. Industries are becoming non-functional in the country, which is leading to alarming rise in joblessness, he explained.

At the same time, he urged Abdur Rehman Wattu, District Vice President of Anti-Corruption Movement (Tehreek-e-Insadad-Corruption) and Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal, District President of the movement to raise their voices against the scourge of corruption. AT this occasion, President of Arifwala Press Club, Anees Ahmad Butt, local journalists Zaheer ud Din Babar Dogar, Rao Kamran, Baba Javed Iqbal, Rana Muhammad Atiq, Mirza Muhamamd Tufail, Baba Waryam and others were present.