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Pontiff tells Pakistani youngster that he daily prays for peace in Pakistan


A Pakistani youth who recently met with the Pontiff has revealed that the Pontiff prays for peace in Pakistan. Karachi based Daniel Bashir also posted his selfie with Pope Francis that took the internet by storm. His selfie captioned “My heart is full of Happiness”, has made its way in national and international media.

Pakistani Catholics in Vatican

26-year- old Daniel, met with the Pontiff while attending the youth conference at the Vatican in March. Daniel presented Pope Francis with a traditional shawl (called Ajrak). Pope Franics can be seen with the blockprinted Ajrak draped around his shoulders in the selfie.

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Disclosing Pontiff’s response he said: “He was very happy to see the ajrak… I also met him personally later and gifted him a blanket”. During this meeting, Pope Francis told the youngster that he daily prays for peace in Pakistan. The Pontiff discussed the situation of religious minorities in Pakistan with Daniel; exchanging their views with each other.

Reflecting about the situation of Pakistani minorities, he said that he is pained. “I consider myself safe in Karachi but it is painful to see the incidents with Christians and minorities,” he said. “Minorities are oppressed too much and with this reference my heart aches,” but added, “But we are happy in Pakistan.”

Furthermore, the topic of treatment of religious minorities in Pakistan was also brought under discussion at the conference. Daniel also discussed the issue with fellow delegates from different countries across the globe. Daniel advocated for equipping children with better education in societies where minorities face persecution. Better education will prepare children to deal with ill treatment in a better way. “Our Bible tells us that we should pray for people who hate us,” Daniel stated.

After this meeting, Daniel now aims to join a seminary in order to become a priest. “I will present myself to become a priest and join a seminary in June”. Previously, he intended to specialize in neurosurgery, as he had acquired a doctor’s degree.