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Pope Francis decides not to wear a bullet proof vest during Christmas day sermon


Pope Francis

Pope Francis decides not to be intimidated by the terrorist threats.

According to details, Pope Francis has decided not to be intimidated by the threats posed by the Islamic State. In this regard, the Pontiff’s spokesperson Father Ciro Benedettini said that Pope Francis is conscious of the threats hurled at him by the terror group ISIS; in a video, however, he is “not afraid” of extremists and has decided not to wear a bullet-proof vest as is being strongly suggested by his security aides. Pontiff’s security aides are strongly recommending him to wear a bullet proof vest when he delivers his Urbi et Orbi Christmas Day message in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican on December 25.

Father Ciro Benedettini further said that the Vatican has by now reinforced police security owing to the threats made by ISIS; to perform an attack in Rome in similar pattern like the one that happened in Paris last month.

He emphasizes that Pope Francis has utterly refused to change his style of relaxed leadership regardless of what ISIS threatens him with. “Pope Francis knows everything (about the threat from ISIS) but he doesn’t want to lose the contact with the people,” his spokesman said.

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“It is understandable in his position he doesn’t want to wear a bullet proof vest that is ridiculous to go on the altar in one. It is understandable obviously that the police and the gendarmerie would like the Pope to be more protected, but that is something that can’t be changed.”

“He is not afraid, you have seen that he has gone to Africa, he went to the Central African Republic which everybody asked him to avoid. He went there, he didn’t have any danger, he was able to invite the imam to come with him in the Popemobile. He knows everything about the alleged threat obviously but he is not very concerned.”