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Pope Francis Says a Christian Does Not Reject Immigrants


Pope Francis, in his five years papacy career always defended refugees and migrants. He made his last speech on a beach in Chile in which his main theme was to help refugees. He said that Christian cannot enjoy with doors shut for the people who are told that they are no more wanted by anyone.

Pope Francis Says a Christian Does Not reject Immigrants

He said that a hapless cry is like a prayer which “opens our hearts and teaches us to be attentive.”

In United States of America many illegal residents who came as children are now being deported by the lawmaker after spending there many years of life.

In Germany, Alternative for Germany party used anti- immigrants as main theme last year and in Italy Northern League, would use the same theme to win in elections this year.

Pope Francis told that some people profits from refugees and immigrants who know that they do not have complete documents and exploit them using the mean of injustice. Their lives are debased.

With the end of Pinochet dictatorship in 1990, Chile has become an appealing place for its stabilized economy and balanced politics. Moreover it has quite less number of immigrants than other nations of South America. But recent entrance of people from Haiti and Venezuela gave rise to anti-immigrants emotions among the residents of Chile too because it has increased up to 50 times greater in the past 30 years.

According to the statics, Iquique in Chile has the most number of refugees living in this land of ‘dreams’. It is a region of mines, bombing and the world’s famous copper export industry. But the people who come their confront poverty and expulsion.

Dora Reyes, a Peruvian shopkeeper told that most of the immigrants from Peru, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia come to Chile but face unemployment, prejudice and compelled to live in small rooms.