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Pope Francis urges the world to “care about the poor”


World needs to help the poor- Pope Francis

Pope Francis urges the world to care about the poverty stricken.

“It takes all of us to change systems that impoverish our sisters and brothers,” Pope Francis said while he reminded the world that the poor still need our help. During his recent visit to Ecuador, Bolivia, and Paraguay, the pope laid great emphasis on helping the poor.

During his recent visit, he made it precedence to point at the evils of leaders who take too much at the expense of people living in impoverished conditions. He said,the poor are being sacrificed at the “altar of money,” as the rich worship a “golden calf.” This sacrifice costs lives and drives more people into slums. He added, our Lord Jesus was born into poverty, he lived with people who were poor, and he was poor when he died.” “Sometimes it seems that the church has forgotten that,” he exclaimed.

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“Christianity, he said, “seems to have become a religion of powerful white male leaders who are attentive to the interests of people who were financially rich. As a consequence, many Christians have lost sight of the gospel message that calls the followers of Jesus to have compassion for the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and stand with the sick.”

Over and over again, we face up to countless opportunities to reach out the homeless people, hungry people, and people without job opportunities or medical insurance. It is long overdue for us to act against poverty. We need to live out the gospel of Jesus.