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Pope’s Encyclical Inspires Strategies to Combat Water Shortages In Pakistan


Bishop of Hyderabad, Samson Shukardin said during the Sunday Mass that Pope Francis has “raised the serious question of water scarcity in Pakistan, and in particular in our diocese.”

It was noticed and brought to the attention of the attendees that the problem of water shortages will worsen over a span of time. 316 children have already dies in Tharpakar district last year due to severe drought. Bishop Shukardin sais he will form a commission on ecology and work for the creation of Peace and Integrity.

Caritas Pakistan has also released a pontiff encyclical on June 18 and have established a Climate Change Desk in with persons of contact in all seven diocese.

Jesuit superior in Pakistan Father Renato Zeechin, in the mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral also quoted the Pope’s message on “solutions to man-made problems.” to man-made problems” in June 21 mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral of Lahore. “The pontiff presented the Church’s point of view pretty well. It is interesting even for the Islamic scholars. Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan should use this great opportunity to engage Muslims in the common cause of saving the planet”, said Father Renato

The message of the Pope also inspired Father Qaiser Feroz who started a massive plantation drive in Lahore. “We shall plant 10,000 saplings when the schools reopen in August after summer vacations. Students from four schools and each of the 5000 families in my parish will plant trees”, said Father Feroz.

Water shortages remain a dilemma for Pakistanis especially in Sindh. Miles of queues of people holding cans at turbines or wells is a common sight in Pakistan. People of Karachi are facing a severe heat wave and over 750 lives have been lost due to severe heat, water and electricity shortages.