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PPP And PTI Came Together Against Death To Blasphemy Accused Sawan Masih


Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on 28th March raised their voices in the National Assembly to show apprehension over the death sentence to a Christian man “Sawan Masih”over blasphemy charge.


They two elite parties of the nation were of the belief that it is harassment on the minority community. A district court in Lahore sentenced Sawan Masih to death for committing blasphemy in March 2013 that was followed by insurgence in which around 100 houses of the Christian community were burnt by an angry rabble. PPP’s Shazia Marri and PTI’s Dr Shireen Mazari wanted to lift up this issue when the question-hour begun, but the chair did not allow them to speak until other items on the agenda were disposed of.


Finally at the end of the session, both got the opportunity to speak out against the death sentence. When Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed Abbasi hark back them that this issue is sub judice, they argued that law did not forbid them from remarking on a case after a judgment has been issued because after that it turn out to be a public property.

Those who brunt the Joseph Colony are roaming freely. But a member of the Christian community has been sentenced. This is harassment of the minority community
Dr Shireen Mazari stated.

She condemn that the minority community is being targeted continually, and required an clarification from the government as to what it did with the rebel who set fire to the houses of the Christian community members. In support, Shazia Marri said that they can have a word on the matter after the verdict, which she phrased as disturbing. “We are really disturbed with this verdict,” Marri stated.


She called the judgment horrific, particularly in a month when the Christian community is getting ready to celebrate the Easter festival. “We condemn it and want the government to do the same,” Shazia said. On the other hand, no member of the cabinet came to act in response to the opposition’s concerns, but Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, emphasized on the rehabilitation actions by the provincial government in Joseph Colony.

Joseph colony
Joseph colony was demolished by Muslim extremists after Sawan Masih was accused of blasphemy.

Hamza reminded that when the catastrophic event happened, only a few days were left in the expiration of the term of the last government, but Shahbaz Sharif had stated in clear words that such events could not be accepted. “The Punjab chief minister not only rebuilt the houses of the victims but also gave those families financial assistance whose children’s dowry was also brunt to ashes,” he stated.