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PPP Minorities Wing KPK Cabinet meets and discusses important issues with party Chairman


Islamabad: In a recent visit to the Federal capital, a committee consisting of ten members of Pakistan People’s Party Minorities Wing KPK Cabinet met with Party Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto to discuss issues regarding non-Muslim Pakistanis. The meeting was attended by other prominent party leaders as well including former Interior Minister, Rehman Malik.

During the meeting the committee thanked the Chairman for showing interest in problems concerning Pakistani non-Muslims and striving to make a difference.

Provincial Information Secretary Minorities Wing, young and enthusiastic, Yasir Bhatti, raised various issues that concern Pakistani minorities. He said,“Non-Muslim Pakistanis are almost always ignored in reforms made regarding jobs and education.” He raised the issue of jobs and education quota for non-Muslim Pakistanis. He implied that PPP government during their regime had passed a bill that allowed a 5% quota for non-Muslim minorities in all government jobs but it has not been implemented yet. He stressed that the quota was an important requirement in the path of success for non-Muslim Pakistanis.

PPP Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto assured the committee that he would do all in his power to uplift the non-Muslim Pakistanis and that PPP government, in their regime would take steps to give minorities their equal rights.