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Pray For Those Who Persecute You!


Thirty days of prayers for those who persecute and those who are being persecuted in the Muslim world for Christ’s sake.



Christians called to pray for Muslims around the world
Christians called to pray for Muslims around the world

Open Doors – a registered charity in United Kingdom and Ireland which strives for the persecuted Christians all over the world has called Christians across the globe to pray for the Muslims who do not know about Lord Jesus Christ and in their ignorance are persecuting those who believe in the Son of God.


Christians will be praying and interceding for the Muslim world and persecuted Christians over 30 days during Ramadan. Ramadan is a time when Muslims fast from food and drink between the hours of sunrise and sunset. Open Doors says it is also a powerful time to pray for believers in Muslim-majority countries and the entire Islamic world.


Open Doors invites Christians to pray for the Muslim world from 9 July to 7 August, in particular the countries that are on the Open Doors 2013 World Watch List of most awful persecutors of believers.


But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you- Matthew 5:44



This year Open Doors marks 20 years of praying and intercession for the Muslim world during Ramadan but it put emphasis on the fact that although millions of Christians have prayed over the last two decades, the challenge still remains enormous.


“Of 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, probably only one third know Christians at all. But through our prayers, God can reach those we can’t, and transform them with the power of His love,” the organisation said.


The organizations states, “For two decades, millions of Christians from around the world have been joining together to pray for the Muslim World during Ramadan. During that time God has done amazing things in response to His people’s prayers: countries have opened up, churches have been planted and many Muslims have come to Christ.”