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Prayer Request for Christian prisoners in Pakistan have lost their Religious Freedom


Rev. Maurice Shahbaz Founder and Director Prisons Mission Society have asked to pray for the Christian detainees of Pakistan who have lost their religious flexibility and confronting mistreatment by the Inspector General of Prisons Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. He has halted the religious syllabus/Bible investigation, revere administrations and religious reduction for Minorities Prisoners.

Prayer Request for Christian prisoners in Pakistan have lost their Religious Freedom

They likewise have no chance to enhance their education under rule 215 of the Pakistan Prison Rulers (Jail Manual) reference to the Writ petition of No.599/1994, dated 01-02-1994 in the Lahore High Court Lahore by Maurice Shahbaz, under articles 37 and 38 of Pakistan’s constitution (1973), an approach of the state to eradicate education from the nation.

On various visits and keeping in touch with the Government official and different specialists to understand the issue, still, no move has been made.

Numerous Pakistani Christians are routinely oppressed, tormented, assaulted and killed by a general public that does not endure them. He said, I call upon all individuals from the worldwide Christian community to talk for the benefit of the Christians in Pakistan and to feature the upsetting, perilous and hazardous conditions we live under. He added, I appeal to you to help us survive this persecution and to speak on our behalf at the highest religious and governmental levels, worldwide. I pray that the Almighty Lord make you a part of our mission.

Moreover Prisons Mission Society has arranged a program of Christmas and New Year 2014-15 for 3000 prisoners in Pakistan including Male, Female and juvenile through arranging gifts.