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President of Pakistan urged to release respondents of blasphemy from Pakistani jails


LAHORE: The President of Pakistan urged by an advocacy group to ensure release of falsely accused of blasphemy from Pakistani jails.


Demonstration against Blasphemy law
Demonstration against Blasphemy law

The Chief Executive of Global Minorities Alliance (GMA)Sheraz Khan says,”We are profoundly concerned over the growing religious intolerance and extremism in Pakistan.”


This advocacy league calls upon the Head of the state, President Asif Ali Zardari to look into the matter of misuse of Blasphemy law against religious minorities in Pakistan. Apart from this, they urge the President to make the  advocacy league calls upon the Head of the state, release of all Christian men and women in prison certain; who have been booked under the allegations of blasphemy.


In his open letter to the President, he put across that his league will carry on protests against the misuse of the controversial law, save the government presents an explicit gloss of what steps have been taken in order to curb incidents like Rimsha Masih case and so forth. Further more he demands an account of what measures “the Government has taken since the March 9 violence [in Lahore] to avoid possible future misuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.”


“We will stage protest demonstrations not only outside the Scottish Parliament but also outside the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Welsh Assembly, the Houses of Parliament in London and outside the United Nations office in Geneva in Switzerland if we do not hear from you in writing until the 7th of July 2013,” as the open letter echoes Sheraz Khan as saying.


In his conversation with an International News Agency, Sheraz Khan declared that his group has before now demonstrated outside the Scottish Parliament against the lawmaking of Article 295 of the Pakistan Penal Code. At this particular occasion, they condemned the Badami Bagh arson of 9th March, 2013 where as many as 200 houses of Christians were set on fire along with their shops, several Bibles and two Churches claiming 8 lives.