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Primary suspect of lynching a Christian couple case, set free on bail


Persecuted Pakistani Christians

The primary suspect of atrocious incident of lynching of a Christian couple alive, over blasphemy charges has been set free on bail.

Yousaf Gujjar, who was named the primary suspect in the lynching case has been granted bail, despite the fact that he was it has been admitted by Deputy Inspector General of Police Kasur and members of the Joint Investigations Team, scrutinizing the incident formerly stated before the High Court under oath that if it wasn’t for this individual (Yousaf Gujjar and 3 others) “the incident would never have happened.”

Moreover, the suspicion surrounding Yousaf Gujjar’s bail became palpable when A.S.I Mohammad Ali, himself refused to identify Yousaf Gujjar as the ring leader of the lynching, despite the fact that same police official was the original complainant of the State against Yousaf Gujjar and three other individuals in the case when it was initially lodged.

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Yousaf Gujjar is the owner of the brick kiln where Shahzad and Shamma labored, and the very same kiln were both were thrown alive in raging flames, only to be reduced to ashes. Initially, the police arrested Yousaf Gujjar and three others who were accused to have incited the mob against the Christians couple.

On November 4, 2014; a charged mob of around 1600 burnt Shahzad and Shamma alive in a brick kiln owned by Yousaf Gujjar. The Christian couple was accused of blasphemy which incited a horrific end to their lives. The incident took place in Chak 59 of Kot Radha Kishan, district Kasur of Punjab province of Pakistan.

Subsequently, On November 10, an anti-terrorism court remanded in custody four people including Yousaf Gujjar and three others who were accused of killing the Pakistani Christian couple Shamma and Shahzad, for alleged blasphemy. Bail petitions were filed on their behalf, however, they were turned down at that time.

Previously, the Apex court of Pakistan has strongly criticized the negligence of police during the lynching incident and took the police to task by saying that five policemen including an ASI were present on the scene at the brick kiln where the Christian couple were being burnt alive; however, still the mob managed to burn the Christians.