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Prime Minister’ Prayer Team is an explicit herald of Pakistani Christians’ nationalism


Formation of the Prime Minsiter’ Prayer Team (PPT) is a hint that Pakistani Christians harbor feelings of patriotism towards their homeland, says Pastor Samuel Khokhar-President of United Christian and Muslim Welfare Society. By forming PPT, Bishop Yaqub Pau-Chairman of the Prime Minister’ Prayer Team, has substantiated the fact that Pakistan’ Christians have feelings of benevolence. “Founding of the Prime Minister’ Prayer Team is an historic act,” he said.

Prime Minister' Prayer Team, Lahore

He explained that Prime Minister’ Prayer Team is not only owned by the Christians but also by citizens from every religious background, no matter what his creed is. This team can play a pivotal role in the progress of the country and promotion of peace and harmony by offering prayers and supplications for the nation.

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“Bible teaches us to be reverent and subordinate towards the government and authorities,” he said. In the view of these teaching we have joined forces to make this team the efficacious. “Whoever resumes the office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the PPT will uphold him with prayers with same zeal as is doing now,” he said.

Pastor Samuel further explained that, the focal vision of the Prime Minster’ Prayer Team is to pray without ceasing for the country, its authorities, higher officials, armed forces and other governmental setups. “May the Lord preserve this country forever,” he prayed.