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Prince of Jordan expresses urgent need to safeguard Christians in the Middle East


Syrian Christians leaving

Presence of Christians in the Middle East should be preserved at any cost.

According to details, Prince of Jordan Hassan Bin Talal attended the launching ceremony of a book authored by Archimandrite George Agapios Abu Saada, a priest in the Greek-Melkite Catholic Archeparchy of Akka. During this ceremony, Prince Hassan Bin Talal said that Christianity has not been imported into the Middle East from the West.

Prince Hassan Bin Talal said that Christianity began in the Middle East, there are ancient Christian communities in Middle East which can be traced back in the history. “Christianity began in the Middle East, it is not a “product of western import.” He was also of the opinion that Christianity had been instrumental in the development of Arab culture and civilisation.

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Prince Hassan Bin Talal conveyed a clear message that Christianity in the Middle East should be protected and safeguarded employing every possible resource which may make certain that humanity is protected.

This book launching ceremony was held on September 30 at the Orthodox Club of the Israeli city Acre. The book launched in the ceremony contains history of events that surround Arab Christians. It is an attempt to compile chronological events which involved presence of Christianity in the Middle East. The book also houses critical situations and elements that strongly influence Christianity and Christians of modern day Middle East. Christians are being snowed under conflicts, violence, sectarian splits, life threatening situations, deprivation today.

The ceremony was organised in association with the Royal Institute of Interfaith Studies. This institute which is an inter-religious dialogue organisation is headed by Prince Hassan Bin Talal himself. The other collaborator was Father Abu Saada, who is Greek-Melkite parish priest of the Cathedral of St. Elias in Haifa.

Father Abu Saada, at this occasion arbitrated and went on to criticised the Islamic world for keeping silent and turning a blind eye to the aggression and bigotry which is targeted at the Christians in the Middle East. “Until now, no Islamic authority has issued a religious ruling [fatwa] that prohibits the killing of Christians and non-Muslims.”