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Prisoners Faith Leads Jail Interrogator to Jesus


pray in jail
Noushin is a house church leader in Iran. When people from her network of secret believers started being arrested she feared that she would be next. Would her faith be strong enough to endure persecution?

I am the leader of my house church, so when one day I heard of yet another arrest in my network I feared for my arrest as well. I wasn’t ready to go to prison. I felt like such a coward, so I asked God with all my heart to not test me beyond my ability.

A few days after this prayer, I heard a knock on my door. My heart skipped a beat. It was the secret police. I had a few minutes to prepare myself to go with them. I was angry. Hadn’t God heard my prayers? Walking to the door I argued with God. So why did he put me in this position?

They blindfolded me, put me in their car, and drove me to prison. There I was put in solitary confinement. They set me down on a chair in front of an interrogator. He asked me: “Why did you become a Christian and why are you seducing other Muslims to do the same?” I looked up at him. I wasn’t strong enough to answer. But then, suddenly, I felt a peace coming over me. The type of peace I knew only from my times with God. It was the Holy Spirit. To my own surprise I wasn’t afraid anymore.
“It’s an honor for me to talk about Jesus,” I said to the interrogator whose face expressed more anger with every word. “You also need Jesus in your life. I cannot be indifferent towards you. I want you to experience the joy and blessing of salvation. I can’t keep silent about this.”

Walking back I thought about what I had just done. The interrogator warned me that the testimony I had given could become very costly for me. My fear returned. But the next day, the same thing happened. Again I was touched by the Holy Spirit and started sharing about Jesus with the interrogator. But in the middle of the night I heard a knock on the door. This couldn’t mean anything good. I heard the voice of the interrogator.

Did he come to beat me up or rape me? But he said: “Don’t be afraid, I need your prayer.” We talked about Jesus for hours until finally the interrogator gave his heart to Jesus. We prayed together. Looking at him, I could see that his face looked brighter than before. “This is the first time I have experienced the peace and love of God in my life,” he shared.

The interrogator couldn’t help me openly, but in his own way he helped me with my case. Shortly after, I was released.