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Recover our daughter: Prof. Paul writes to CM Punjab demanding Sana Shahid’s recovery



Professor Anjum James Paul wrote to Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, demanding Christian girl Sana Shahid who was abducted and then forcibly married to a Muslim man, be recovered and returned to her family.
According to details, a Christian student, Sana Shahid from Sialkot, Pakistan was abducted and forcibly married to a Muslim man.

Prof. Anjum Paul, Chairman Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association, has written to CM Punjab to remind him of the girl and request the government to do all in its power to recover the girl and ensure her safe return to her family.

The letter mentioned that Wahid Akhtar, S/O Muhammad Bashir, resident of Mohallah Kasayian, Rodes Road, Mianapura, Sialkot had abducted, forcibly converted Sana Shahid to Islam and forcibly married her on November 9, 2015 (86 days ago) of Rodes Road, Mianapura, Sialkot while she was going to her Government Girls Primary School, Mianapura (West) Sialkot.

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The letter quoted Sana’s father who said, “Many days have passed, when will our daughter be returned to us?”

Case of Sana’s Age:

According to the letter the marriage certificate that had been provided by the assailant described Sana as 18 years of age while according to Sana’s birth registration certificate, Government of Punjab, Catholic Church Certificate, and School leaving Certificate, Sana’s date of birth was April 17, 2002 which made her 13 years of age at the time of the abduction.

Sana was posed to be an adult who had married the man at her own will but actually Sana was a minor at the time of marriage.

Violation of Constitution of Pakistan and Land Law

The letter further pointed out that the convicted Wahid Akhtar had committed a crime according to Article 20 (a), Article 25 (a), and Artice 36 of the Constitution of Pakistan. Also, he had violated Pakistan Penal Code section 365 B, Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 of the land law, and National Action Plan 2014 regarding ‘religious persecution’.

Impact of the incident:

The letter also highlighted the impact of the incident of Sana’s family. Sana’s sister and brother had left school and Sana’s sister, Hina was facing psychological difficulties after the incident.

Highlighting the impact of the abduction on the community, the letter stated that there was fear among the community members and parents were reluctant to send their kids to school.

PMTA has demanded the Chief Minister to arrange the arrest of the culprit to alleviate the situation of stress prevalent in the area. It was also stated that Sana and Hina had missed their Urdu exam on February 3, 2016 due to the mentioned circumstances. Separate examination arrangements were requested for both the sisters after Sana’s return.