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Prolific Executioners: Another Pakistani Beheaded In Saudi Arabia


Pakistani executed in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia executed another Pakistani over smuggling charges.

According to media reports, Saudi Arabia executed a Pakistani Shah Faisal Azeem Shah, on Friday July 31. He was beheaded, after he was found guilty of smuggling drugs hidden in his body.

Shah Faisal was convicted Pakistani heroin trafficker, and his beheading adds to the increased number of executions carried out by Saudis this year.

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The Interior Ministry said in a statement that Shah Faisal Azeem Shah was found guilty of smuggling drugs hidden in his body. The Saudi authorities carried out his execution in the capital Riyadh after resuming executions last week after a pause for Ramzan.

With the execution of Shah Faisal, the total number of execution being carried out this year reaches 109 in the Saudi kingdom. Depicting a sharp rise, the number of Saudis and foreigners put to death this year is up 125 percent from 87 during the whole of 2014.

According to Human rights group Amnesty International, Saudis are one of the world’s most prolific executioners. Moreover, human rights experts show concerns about the fairness of trials in the kingdom. Nonetheless, as per the Saudi Kingdom’s Islamic shariah legal code, drug trafficking, rape, murder, armed robbery and apostasy are all punishable by death.