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Proper census of Christian population a requisite for our progress: Pakistani Christian leaders


As the much awaited census draws nigh, Pakistani Christians remain apprehensive about credible data of census of Pakistani Christians. In this connection, Pakistani Christian leaders and activists have termed the previous data about Pakistani Christian population as “flawed,” as they realize the massive impact of accurate data of population for the betterment and progress of the Christian community.

Census in Pakistan 2017

Country is set to undergo census in March; while Christian church leaders and rights activist are urging the government to make sure that accurate data is collected regarding Christian population in Pakistan. Christians demand that members of Pakistan’s Christian community are counted close to accuracy this time.

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A Muslim human rights activist Zahid Farooq stated: “We are dissatisfied with the figures drawn from the last census. It shows that some forces are unhappy with the exact number of non-Muslims, especially Christians.” Zahid Farooq advocates for the rights of non-Muslim Pakistanis. He further added, but this time, “the community has understood the importance of the census and their clergy and leaders are on the go.”

In this connection, Christian church leaders hailing form more than 140 Roman Catholic and Church of Pakistan, Protestant and other denominations from across the country are expected to meet at St Patrick’s High School in order to discuss their course of action related to upcoming population count. This meeting will be headed by Archbishop Joseph Coutts and Bishop Sadiq Daniel.

Zahid Farooq further said that the churches in the country must play their role in creating an awareness and motivating their Christian community to participate in the census and make them realize the importance of population census. “Holding an informal count of Christians in the city is also on the cards,” he said.

In this connection, CM Sindh’s former special assistant for interfaith harmony Anthony Naveed, said that census has now become vital for the non-Muslim Pakistanis. “The census will not only help Christians know their accurate number but also help them socially and politically.”