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“Prosecutors Presented No Evidence In The Courtroom To Support Their Accusatory Claims,”says Sajjad Masih’s Attorney


TOBA TEK SINGH: Blasphemy convicted Sajjad Masih’s attorney unhappy over court’s ruling of this case.

Sajjad Masih's Defence Counsel
Sajjad Masih’s Defence Counsel

In consistency with the details, Sajjad Masih’s attorney, Javed Sahotra, says that” The prosecutors presented no evidence in the courtroom to support their accusatory claims. Instead, Judge Raza’s decision was influenced by an angry Islamist mob who wanted the young Christian man convicted.”


Additionally, Javed Sahotra also maintains that earlier than the trial, police had physically abused Masih after first taking him into custody. He claims, “They hung Masih upside down in a room and tried to force him to ‘confess’ that he had indeed sent those text messages.”

“A naked electric wire was tied around his feet, and he was threatened with electrocution if he did not do what the police wanted,” Javed Sahotra goes on to say. “In Pakistan, where over 95% of the populace is Muslim, the radical Islamists often influence the judicial system for the worse,” he carries on.

While commenting on the issue of increasing blasphemy cases, he says,“No government or judicial officer will ever dare to defy the religious extremists. Just because of them, an innocent man will rot in prison.” In due course, Javed Sahotra is anticipative to follow additional legal action; endeavouring to get Sajjad Masih free.

Confident of his next course of action he says,” The verdict will be made available to us in a couple of days; we will have a month to file the appeal. I’m hopeful that the Lahore High Court will suspend the sentence and order Sajjad Masih’s release, because the case is clear. Everyone knows that trial court judges throw the ball in the higher courts because they can’t handle the pressure. It’s a pity though that a young man would have to suffer in jail until his appeal is taken up by a judge.”


Sajjad Masih, a 29 year old Christian, received a life imprisonment sentence on 13th of July, 2013 by Judge Main Shahzad Raza, despite the lack of potential evidence. He was allegedly accused of sending blasphemous SMS by named Malik Tariq Saleem, a resident of Gojra.