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Protest against Forceful Conversion of Christian


The Human Liberation Commission Pakistan (HLCP) held protest against forceful conversion of christians and burning of christian homes in Sheikupura

Christian's protest against forced conversion
Christian’s protest against forced conversion

The Human Liberation Commission Pakistan (HLCP) on Monday held a demonstration outside the Lahore Press Club to protest against forced conversion of Christians and burning of Christian homes in Sheikupura, and wanted suspension of those police officers reluctant to register their FIRs.

The Human Liberation Commission Pakistan leaders at the protest condemned Sheikhupura police for ignoring the common practice of burning Christian homes in the district and for failing to arrest the culprits responsible. They said that police officers were found unwilling to register cases against and thus were acting against their duty and their misbehavior should be duly noted.

The protesters demanded that the MPA and the MNA concerned should take notice of this misbehavior and culprits targeting minorities should not enjoy protection from the law. They added forced conversions are also a violation of human rights and the State should take suitable action.