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Provincial Minister for Minorities’ Affairs gets a lot of flak for his anti- fake pastors statement


All Pakistan Bishops Council slams. Punjab Minister for Minorities’ Affairs, Tahir Khalil Sindhu after his statement regarding fake-pastors in Punjab. For this reason, a press conference was held at the Lahore Press Club on June 1, where the Bishops heaped condemnation on the minister saying, that designation of Bishops is not from government, but from the congregation.

All Pakistan Bishops Council press conference in Lahore

On May 26, Tahir Khalil Sindhu said on the floor of the Punjab Assembly that fake pastors and impostors will be hooked, so as to rid the Christian community of this nuisance. He explained that Punjab government is set to eradicate such people who pretend themselves as pastors. When these pastors who are not authorized by the government to issue death, marriage, divorce or other certificates to Christians, they find themselves in trouble getting their marriages, deaths registered with the provincial government.

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Bishop Salamat, Bishop Yousaf , Bishop Touqeer, Bishop Suleman, Bishop Dominic, Bishop Yaqub, Bishop Haroon and other members of the Bishop Council, were present at this press conference. They voiced their annoyance over the statement calling Bishop Council fake and unauthorized. The Bishops stated in their press release “All Christian leaders are hurt by this statement Minister Tahir Khalil Sindhu. What kind of Human Rights he is dealing for; this is insult of humanity and Christian leaders.”

Irked Bishops by Tahir Kahlil’ stance said that Bishops are designated by the congregation. No minister has a right to give such a statement in the Assembly about Christian leaders. They said that government or any of the political leader has no right to point finger at the Christian leaders. “All Bishops mutually condemn, the statement of the Minister of Human Rights Tahir Khalil Sindhu in the Punjab Assembly, when he said all Bishops of Council are fake.”

The Bishops urged Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to take note of this controversy and remove him from his office as they said, “he is not sincere with Christian leaders.” They asserted that the Provincial Minister displayed a discriminatory attitude and wanted to sow discord between the church denominations.