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Provisional summary of Pakistan Census 2017, hides the number of non-Muslim citizens


According to provisional summary of census 2017 conducted by Pakistan Bureau of Statistic (PBS), the population of Pakistan has surged to 207.77 million, having experienced a 57 percent increased since last census in 1998, this data (provisional summary) presented to the Council of Common Interest (CCI) this Friday.

Provisional summary of Pakistan Census 2017, hides the number of non-Muslim citizens

This census took place after a gap of nearly two decades provisional result shows Pakistan Houses 106.45 million males, 101.31 million females and 10,418 are transgender.

The result reveals that 30.5m people reside in KP, 5m in Fata, 47.9m in Sindh, 12.3m in Balochistan, 2m in Islamabad, while Punjab — the largest province in terms of population — houses 110 million people.
An increase in the urban-rural ratio has been observed in all administrative units except Islamabad, which nonetheless remains the second most urbanized unit of the country.

Over 52pc of Sindh’s residents live in urban areas, which have surpassed the capital territory as the most urbanized territory of Pakistan. Close to 36.4pc of Pakistanis live in urban areas, the provisional results reveal.

Balochistan, the least urbanized area of Pakistan’s provinces, has experienced the fastest average annual growth rate since 1998 of 3.37pc. Punjab’s average annual growth rate remained the slowest at 2.13pc, slightly below the national average of 2.4pc.

The provisional results exclude data from Gilgit Balochistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir, which is likely to be included in the final report.

The data collected amid 15th March to 24th May 2017, where some people may also lose their lives.

The data easily available at the below link


Here the question arises by the expert team of data collectors founded 10,418 transgender that is very difficult, but where is the data on minorities of Pakistan like Christians, Hindu, Sikh, Ahmadis and others. They could not see the huge buildings of Christian Schools, colleges, Churches, hospitals and graveyards, hostels and so many properties alone in whole Pakistan. If they give importance to transgender of Pakistan, then why not Minorities of Pakistan.

In Europe and America people with different faiths and believes were taking part in the elections of governors, Mayors and parliamentarians, but here the Christians who are habitants of this land are completely ignored in this important report besides that Hindus and Sikhs are also not included in this provisional report as they will be added in comprehensive report, it is just like waiting for the result by a student with the status as “later on” Surprisingly, the task of counting transgender people seems to far easy task for the census officials than to count the religious minorities.

If the present government is doing all this to increase its vote bank it means that it prefers the 10,418 votes of transgender people ignoring Christians and other minorities, who also played an important role in building Pakistan.

The census teams, accompanied by army personnel equipped with weapons knocked the doors of inhabitants and shouted in the street, interrogating and asking about family members, education, toilets, AC, TV, etc. but he did not ask about the religion, at the end people by themselves informed them that “we are Christian” then he wrote and signature on a long sheet. It is very clear that they are not particularly asking about the religion while the column present on that sheet. They are just assuming it from the name that is sounds English or Biblical.

According to 1998 census reports about Christian’s population that showed the very low percentage and not giving exact numbers like transgender in Pakistan. Hope after 2 decades in comprehensive report government will increase this percentage too.