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Psycho-social education programs to be introduced for Christian children in Lahore’s Youhanabad neighborhood


Cecil Chaudhry & Iris Foundation is all set to introduce psycho-social education and support programs for disadvantaged children in Lahore’s Youhanabad – which is a predominantly Christian neighborhood. These programs will be taught at a social and educational center opened in the Christian neighborhood.

Christians in Lahore

This educational center is taken care of by the “Cecil Chaudhry & Iris Foundation.” The Foundation has plans to organize psycho-social education and support programs for underprivileged children of the neighborhood. These programs are intended to bring about improvements in their personalities and boost their confidence so as to make them fruitful as citizens and components of their families.

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Michelle Chaudhry – Founder and Head of the Cecil Chaudhry & Iris Foundation, said “Families of local children manage to barely survive, and the Foundation’s activities will be of great benefit.” She further delineated that the Center has initiated its operation along the lines of the Montessori method. Currently, the Center is running morning school activities, which is attended by 60 children. As the day progresses, many others join these classes in the afternoon.

While explaining about the psycho-social training courses she said that at present 50 children and young people are attending these training courses – which will be have an impact on their confidence in the future which will efficaciously enable them to build their lives and choose a course of study and profession.

“These projects are aimed at children from marginalized communities, with the aim to instill confidence, motivation, awareness and love of their country. In particular, we are involving students from the University of Lahore who work enthusiastically as volunteers and educators,” she explained.