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PUCM demands “election, not selection” for Assembly’s reserved seats

Albert David
Albert David, Chairman Pakistan United Christian Movement

In a recent press release, Pakistan United Christian Movement’s Chairman, Albert David demanded the government to elect rather than selecting the candidates for the reserved seats.

According to details, Albert David, talking to a local media channel put forward the demands and objectives of his political party. He said that PUCM firstly aimed at uniting Christians all across Pakistan because that’s the need of the day. Secondly, he demanded the method of election for appointment of candidates for reserved seats in the National Assembly.

The issue has been a hot topic of debate in Christian political circles for quite some time now. The government adopts the method of selection of candidates for the National Assembly’s reserved seats which gives the political parties more control as they give a list of their favourable candidates to be selected from. On the other hand, the system of election allows members of the Assembly to vote for their colleagues contesting for the reserved seats.

The selection system is regarded bogus and outdated by the Christian leadership as it prevents new leadership from emerging and allows only the party’s favorite candidates to be selected for the reserved seats.

In a country like Pakistan where Christians suffer at the hands of extremists, and misused laws, where majority of Christian population lives in unsatisfactory conditions with meager income and no education or means of gaining education and jobs, a strong Christian leadership is required to lift the community from its dire state. For years many Christian political leaders have emerged but only a few have managed to work wholeheartedly for the community. The system of selection is one of the reasons of lack of good Christian political leadership which demands to be altered to bring about a positive change for the Pakistani Christians.