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Punjab Government Accepts Donkey Meat Being Sold In Meat Shops Of Punjab


LAHORE: Punjab Government admits donkey meat being sold in the province.

Donkey meat being sold in shops of Punjab
Donkey meat being sold in shops of Punjab

According to media reports, Government of Punjab during it’s session on Friday has admitted that donkey meat is being sold in various hops, restaurants in Punjab. The provincial government also accepted the allegation of sale of dead meat of halal animals and assured to control such practice.

Provincial Minister for Food Bilal Yasin while replying to an adjournment motion moved by treasury member Sheikh Alluadin about import of expired 71 tonnes of meat from a famous chain of fast-food restaurant, said that ‘haram’ meat and donkey meat were being sold out somewhere in Punjab, and some of the culprits were arrested red handed.

Bilal Yasin also made known that soft drinks left behind by customers were being re-collected at hotels and served to other customers. Furthermore, he confirmed the reports that horses’ feed was being used in red chilli. He also disclosed that some big hotels were ‘recycling’ cooking oil six to seven times.

Speaker Rana Iqbal showing his concern over the issue raised by Sheikh Allaudin directed Food Minister Bilal Yasin that he should carry out some raids on restaurants in order to prevent such practices. Bilal Yasin made know to the Assembly that he had already initiated raids at the outlets of the same fast-food chain.