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Punjab Government to hand back Murray College and Gordon College to Christians


Murray College

Lahore: Government of Punjab decides to hand over two Christian Mission institutes back to Christians.

According to details, the government of Punjab has come to a decision that Murray College in Sialkot and Gordon College in Rawalpindi will be handed back to Christians.

In this regard, the provincial government has issued an official notification. However, the final date for official hand over of the two institutions will be decided in a meeting held by a committee. Previously, F.C. College, which was earlier nationalised was handed back to Christians.

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Moreover, it has been decided that the administrative posts in the colleges will be available for Christian candidates. Apart from the administrative posts, Christians will also be able to apply for the teaching posts.

After both the institutions will officially be handed over to Christians, these colleges will no longer be termed as government colleges but will be given the status of private.

In this regard, a five member committee was formed, which presented recommendation regarding the handing over of these two institutions back to church. The Punjab government after viewing these recommendations accepted them and issued orders that both the institutions will be handed back to Christians is a similar way as F.C. College which is now known as F.C. College University was handed back to the church.

During the General Musharaf regime, FC College Lahore was denationalized nevertheless it was relinquish to an American based Presbyterian Church, while few Catholic Schools were handed over to an Irish Catholic organization.

Previously during the rule of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, that Christian institutions were nationalised and government took over them from Churches, national and international missions. Apart from Gordon College and Murray College; Saint Patrick College Karachi and more than seventy schools which were snatched from Christians are still under government’s administration.