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Punjab Government to initiate crackdown on fake pastors issuing invalid marriage and death certificates


Provincial Minister for Minorities Affairs Tahir Khalil Sindhu has explained that Punjab Government is likely to launch a crackdown on impostor pastors who are not authorized to issue marriage certificates but still are issuing unenforceable certificates to Christians.

Punjab government' crackdown on fake Christian pastors in Punjab

On Thursday, May 26, while addressing the attendees at the Punjab Assembly, he said that impostors will be hooked, in order to rid the Christian community of this menace. He explained that the district governments are doing a commendable job, as they continue to effectively register the marriages, divorces and deaths of Christian citizens.

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Tahir Khalil said that the provincial government is bent on eradicating the baneful people who pretend themselves as pastors. He explained that when these pastors who are not authorized by the government to issue certificates to Christians, consequently, Christians face trouble in getting marriages, divorce or deaths registered with the provincial government.

“According to the Local Government Act, 2013, the local governments are responsible for registering marriages and deaths without any discrimination of religion and they are doing their job vigilantly,” he stated.

While responding to a question from a Christian lawmaker from Pakistan Tekreek-e-Insaaf, Sunila Ruth, he said that the list of authorized pastors, bishops and other Christian clergymen are being updated in collaboration with the Minority Advisory Council, in order to verify the records of the Christian clergymen who are sanctioned by the government to issue marriage, divorce or death certificates to Christians.