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Punjab’ Human Rights and Minorities’ Affairs Department is a dead duck says a report


A report has strongly criticized the Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Department terming it a sinking ship over nonperformance and vice. Moreover, funds worth billions of rupees have been defrauded by the administration and others. Billions of rupees are sanctioned for the department, as annual budget for developmental projects however it is not being used in an appropriate manner.

Human Rights and Minorities' Affairs Department in Punjab

The report went on to criticize Minister Human Rights and Minorities’ Affairs, Khalil Tahir SIndhu for not coming to his office regularly. The funds allocated for scholarships for minorities’ children have not been dispensed. Human Rights being violated, however the department is not taking any action what so ever, the report nags at the department.

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It was further revealed that the monthly rent of the building is eight hundred thousand Rupees, while utility bills of thousands of rupees are being paid every month. After this much expenditure, the department’ progress is nil.The report clarifies that the department has failed to carry out its responsibilities, citizens are being denied their rights as ensured per the manifesto of the department.

The department’s prime responsibility is to protect and safeguards the fundamental human rights of the citizens regardless of their creed, race or religion. Additionally it also bears the responsibility of formulating effective policies to ensure equality, unity, peace and harmony among all citizens. Investigating into the incidents of human rights violations is in the to-do list of the department.

No report is ever put forth regarding the use of funds allotted for the assistance of underprivileged people, vocational trainings, educational facilities for the poor etc. It was further disclosed that the budget for the minorities’ children is also handed to this department which is distributed unfairly among the students and the rightful children are oftentimes deprived of these funds.