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Punjabi Psalms; A legacy of Christians in Pakistan


The afflicted Christians in Pakistan are strengthened when they sing Psalms and live to their Christians faith. Pastor Eric Sarwar wants to share the story of Christians in Pakistan with the world.

“When you hear news from Pakistan, it’s only suicide bombers, arms, the Taliban—all threatening news from one small corner up nearAfghanistan. But let’s see with the eyes of the church the amazing things God is doing. FromIslamabadsouth toKarachi, the country is mostly peaceful. Church is free to worship, free to do whatever they want to do in their own community,” he says. During the times of endurance for  Christians in Pakistan he buds forth on a mission to help Pakistani Christians to retrieve their legacy of singing Psalms.  “Christian people are largely illiterate and poor, disadvantaged and marginalized. We have no political power and thus no ability to bring about change. Planted in this hard place, our only hope is God himself,” he declared.

He went on to reveal that centuries ago, when this region was yet to receive the light of  Christ, missionaries anticipated the spread of Christian faith through their institutions, but the reality was quite the opposite. Instead, it was the Psalm singing which ignite uncountable conversions to Christianity. These massive conversions were a consequence of the fact that Psalms were in Punjabi a language common to majority of people.

By Madeeha Shakeel