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Punjab’s Department of Minorities’ Affairs faces criticism over release of less funds for minorities


Punjab Assembly Session

Punjab government blasted for allocating insufficient funds for the improvement of the religious minorities living in the province.

While addressing the house during the session of Punjab Assembly, member Punjab Assembly and Pakistan Muslim League-N leader Shehzad Munshi, strongly criticized the provincial department of minorities’ affairs for releasing insufficient funds for the alleviation of the religious minorities in Punjab.

PML-N MPA Shehzad Munshi, blasted the Provincial department of minorities affairs, releasing only 150 million Rupees out of the 1 billion Rupees allocated in 2015-16 budget for projects essentially dedicated to the alleviation of minorities in Punjab.

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While speaking to the Assembly, MPA Shehzad Munshi also highlighted the grave issue of the deteriorating conditions of the Christian cemeteries in the province. He pointed out to the fact that due to lack of funds and lack of facilities the Christian cemeteries are in worse conditions.

MPA- Shezad Munshi further directed the attention of the house towards the matter that the government should allocate funds for a pilgrimage event of Christian held each year in Sheikhupura. This event is attended by Christians from across the country and the world; during the previous event, he told, that the Christian pilgrims urged the Punjab government to allocate funds for the event.