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Purpose of my life is not to be happy, but to be useful, honorable and compassionate: Lieut Sehrish Walter


Multan-based Sehrish Walter is serving as a lieutenant in Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS). I never wanted to espouse nursing as a profession, said Sehrish who is now a stimulated nurse who is always keen on serving her patients. “Like majority, I considered nursing unrespectable,” she said while disclosing, “But when I started practicing, I realized that this is the most blessed job anyone can take up.”

Christian army officers in Pakistan

She began attending prestigious Saint Mary’s Convent, Multan and proceeded with a decade long uphill quest for refinement bolstered by the amiable teachers and mates. Later on, attained her formal education at LaSalle higher secondary College, Multan and later went on to attend the Armed Forces Nursing School in Multan and was selected as a commissioned officer in 2015. After completion of three years of training, she is now serving at her home station. “God is doing wonders in my life. I never expected such great miracles,” she says.

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“I have a strange feeling of fulfillment, each time I finish my duty, for I know I have vanished someone’s pain and I do not want this contentment to perish ever.”

Young army officer is of the opinion that without serving others, one would not have a strong quality of life. Service is important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. While recalling one instance she said: “Once I was on night duty and a patient kissed my hand and gave me a name “Rehmat ki Pari” (angel of mercy) I felt so blessed. I asked her why she had called me by this name.”

With a shine in her eyes she said you are the one who treat us, take care of us, you stay awake all night to check on us whether we are soundly asleep, so you are an angel sent by God for the sick. This is the reason I called by the name of Rehmat ki Pari.”

“I feel immeasurably blessed, when I realized I am following the footsteps of Lord Jesus; He healed the sick, He was the sole One who touched and healed lepers. He restored sight to the blind, He made the lame to walk again.”

This blossoming enthusiast urges Christian girls to build an intimate relationship with God, “ask Him for His wisdom.” You must seek God’s wisdom for making choices in your life. “I think girls should have freedom of choice.” She advised them of being respectful towards their parents. Young Christians are the ones who have a thoroughgoing impact on non-Christians and “these I believe are factual representatives of the Christian community.”

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